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jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Camel Band Members Gear and Setup

The Snow Goose Tour 2013

Andy Latimer

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Flute Keyboards and Vocals.



Read here: Andy's setup


Colin Bass

Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals.

En este Tour Colin utilizo únicamente un solo bajo, su ya conocido Wal Pro Series, más precisamente su Wall Pro IIE con circuito activo.

Este es un bajo de muy buena calidad y usado por otros famosos bajistas como Chris Squier de Yes, Colin Edwin de Porcupine Tree y Geddy Lee de rush.
Guitarra acústica: Takamine

Esta es la descripción que hace Colin Bass de su Setup y que pueden ver en su blog.

Bass Setup 'Camel The Snow Goose Tour 2013'
From the Colin Bass Blog

Colin Bass Blog

"Just before rehearsals started I was pleased to take possession of a wonderful bass rig, made by Polish company Taurus Amplification. Short in stature but with a Napoleon complex. It's an amazingly compact and light (1,5 kg) 450 watt amp driving two cabinets - one 2x10 and one 1x12 - both which weigh only 20kg each. For all that portability the rig packs an impressive punch delivering sonorous deep tones and clear highs. And I don't think I've turned it up over about one and a half yet. And we're not exactly a quiet band, we do like to shift some air when we play. Check the Taurus website. Highly recommended."

Guy LeBlanc

Keyboards, Vocoder.

The Snow Goose Tour 2013

Korg M50
Korg Synthesizer Vocoder
Nord Stage 2

Jason Hart

Keyboards, Acoustic guitar.

Jason thank you very much on behalf of all the fans, for sharing this.

Roland A37 Midi Controler
Yamaha MOX Workstation Synthesizer
Roland XV-5050 Rack
Rolls Stereo mic/Line Mixer
Guitar: Takamine

This is a very interesting clip, taken by himself, where he shows his setup.Jason Hart Setup video


Denis Clement

Drums, Octapad and Bass

At the recent 'The Snow Goose Tour 2013' Denis use a Pearl kit drums model 'Session Studio Classic', an old acquaintance for all Camel fans, is the same kit that Dave Stewart used in the album 'Rajaz' recorded at Little Barn Studios in 1999 (A. Latimer's studio in M. View, California) and on the 'Coming of Age Tour in 1998. This drums is owned by Andy.

This same Drums Kit was used to record 'A Nod and a Wink'; at the Y2K Tour; The Opening Farewell Tour, to Re-recorded 'The Snow Goose' and of course in this last Tour 2013.

*Originally: this kit was armed on a 'Pearl Rack Complete Systems' and had:
3 air toms 8 ", 10", 12 ",

1 hanging floor tom 15",
1 Snare Drum,
1 Hi-hat and
5 Cymbals Zildjian.
It also included an Roland PAD-80 Octapad II.

* Tank you very much Dave Stewart!

TSG Tour Denis setup: 
a single 10" air tom,
1 hanging floor tom 15",
1 Snare Drum,
1 Hi-hat,
6 Zildjaian Cymbals
and Roland PAD-80 Octapad II.